Google Scholarships | 100,000 Scholarships

Google Scholarships | 100,000 Scholarships

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Google is now offering Google Scholarships | 100,000 Scholarships in 2020. Due to COVID-19 you know the rate of unemployment spike suddenly in the whole world. So Google participating his role in the world community by announcing the biggest number of Scholarships for national and international students.

Google now offering 100,000 Scholarships through Coursera. We all know due to COVID-19 world’s economy decreasing day by day and it also has a greater impact on education system. So in this situation its very difficult for international students to study in America.

Here is greater news to study in America for international students. Google is offering Scholarships in three main fields Data Analytics, Project Management and User Experience (UX) Design through Coursera platform. The courses duration from 3 months to 6 months which equal to 4 years college degree Google said. We are very pleased to inform you about some other free courses 7 Free Online Courses by BitDegree and Udemy.

These Online Certification courses are created and taught by Google employeesand will not require a Previous College Degree or any experience as Google said. Each Course will have some tasks and assignments. You need to have complete the given tasks. The certifications are being offered through the Online E-learning platform.

About Google Scholarships | 100,000 Scholarships:

  • Sponsored by: Google
  • Platform: Online E-Learning Platform
  • No. of Scholarships: 100,000
  • Nationality: All

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  • No previous experience required
  • About six months to complete
  • Entirely developed by Google
  • Grants and scholarships will be available
  • Hosted on Coursera

Subjects in Google Scholarships | 100,000 Scholarships:

  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • User Experience (UX) Design

Data Analyst:

According to google a Data analysts (median) can earn $66000 annually.

Data analysts design data in configured way to help inform about important business decisions. They prepare, process, and analyze data for key points, share their findings with shareholders, and provide data for recommended actions.

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Project Manager:

A project Manager can earn $93,000 annually (median) said by Google.

Planning and overseeing projects are responded by Project manager to ensure they are completed efficiently with maximum quality and value added to the business.

UX Designer:

A UX Designer can earn $75000 annually (median) according to google.

User experience (UX) designers create or refine products and interfaces to make them useful, usable, and accessible to users.

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Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria is very easy just to be passionate for learning!

  • The Duration of the Online certifications is approximately three to six months to complete.
  • Online Certifications are purely made and taught by Google employees.
  • No prior educational or previous work experience require.

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How to Apply for Google Scholarships?

The courses are hosted through Coursera, which is an online platform. To Apply Please Visit the Official website of the Google Scholarships

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