ImmigrationHow to Migrate to Estonia from Nigeria in 2022

How to Migrate to Estonia from Nigeria in 2022

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For someone to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, the person needs a visa. People often wonder where, when, and how to apply for the Estonia Schengen visa since they don’t have enough information on migrating from Nigeria.

This article provides information to anyone who has the desire to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria and the requirements needed to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, the Estonia visa requirements, how to apply for an Estonia visa in Nigeria, how to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, the Estonia immigration official website, the cost of Estonia visa in Nigeria, where Estonia embassy is located in Nigeria and so on. 

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Requirements to Migrate to Estonia from Nigeria 

For one to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, the following are required.

  • Fully completed and signed visa application form.
  • Two recent photos taken within three months must follow all visa photo requirements.
  • A valid passport not older than ten years has to be useful for at least three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Estonia.
  • A round trip reservation or travel plan, including dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Estonia.
  • A travel insurance policy that proves you have travel health insurance. 
  • Proof of accommodation. 
  • A Proof of financial means: Evidence that you have enough money to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the country. This can be your bank account statement or a sponsorship Letter by another person that confirms they will be financially supporting your trip to Estonia.
  • A Proof of paid visa fee

Estonia Spouse Visa Requirements

To obtain an Estonia spouse visa, you need:

  • Provide two application forms instead of providing one.
  • Provide the original certified copy of the marital certificate.
  • A copy of the spouse’s Passport if he/she is a European. If the spouse is not a European, but only resides in Estonia, a copy of their residency permit is to be submitted too.

Estonia Student Visa Requirements

Estonia visa is issued to people traveling to Estonia for the purpose of study, and these are the requirements. 

  • All students who are not Estonian citizens or European citizens must get a temporary residence permit for study because Estonia does not issue a “study visa.”
  • Europeans should get a temporary right of residence in Estonia.
  • When certain/specific conditions are met, it is possible to apply for a short-term or long-term visa to travel to Estonia and apply for a residence permit after arrival.
  • The visa and residence permit application process will generally begin after the university has sent the required acceptance documents to the accepted student.

How to Apply for Estonia Visa in Nigeria 

  • You will have to bring and organize all the documents needed for the application process.
  • Submit all documents and pay your visa fee at VFS, which owns and maintains visa collection centers in Lagos and Abuja.
  • Supervise your Visa Application Online to know the status of your application and see if your Passport is ready for collection. Click HERE to supervise your visa application online with a visa application tracking system. 
  • Go to the embassy with your payment receipts to collect your Passport.

How to Migrate to Estonia from Nigeria 

To migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, you have to get the necessary documents for your visa application process ready, then apply for the Estonia visa following the step-by-step instructions on how to apply for an Estonia visa in Nigeria. 

Estonia Immigration Official Website 

The official website for Estonia immigration is:

Tips to Easily Get Estonia Visa from Nigeria 

  • Before applying for an Estonia visa, it is relevant that you are a law-abiding citizen or national of Nigeria. 
  • It would help if you had good financial soundness or had a sponsor who would pay for your travel expenses and upkeep in Estonia. 
  • Invitation from friends, family members, colleagues, or organizations in Estonia may boost your chances of securing the visa.

The Cost of an Estonia Visa in Nigeria 

The cost of the Estonia visa for Nigeria citizens is based on the type of Passport, age of the applicant, and purpose of travel. For an adult Nigerian Citizen, the price in Euro is 80 and 90 in US dollars.

For children between 6-12 years, it is half the price of the adult applicant, while the visa is free for children of 6 years old and below. 

Bank Balance Required for Schengen Visa in Nigeria

The bank balance required for a Schengen visa in Nigeria should be a minimum balance of €3000 over the last six months.

If you don’t have this amount in your bank, you could have a family member or guardian’s bank balance instead, with a letter affirming that they are sponsoring your travel and stay.

Where Estonia Embassy is Located in Nigeria 

The Estonian embassy is the body that legally represents the Estonian Government and is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

How to Get a Temporary Residency in Estonia 

The non-Estonia citizens can apply for a temporary residence permit if they settle with a spouse, close relative, or family reunification to study, work or do business.

To get a temporary residence, medical insurance, and proof of income, twice the level of subsistence in Estonia is required.

You can also obtain a temporary residence in Estonia if you make a direct investment of at least €1,000,000 in a company registered in the Estonian trade register, investing primarily in Estonia.

The amount invested must be maintained throughout the period of staying there either in the same investment or in another that meets the requirements.

How to Get a Permanent Residency in Estonia 

One can apply for a long-term residence permit if you have resided in Estonia for five years based on a temporary residence permit. To get a permanent residency permit, you have to:

Time Required to Get Permanent Residency in Estonia 

The time required to get permanent residency in Estonia is three months from your application submission but not later than ten days before the expiry of your temporary residence permit.

After obtaining the permanent residency permit, your residence card is given to you in person within 30 days.

If you have a desire to visit Estonia or have you been invited over by a friend, family or colleague, take advantage of this opportunity to acquire information on how to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria, how much the Estonia visa cost in Nigeria, the requirements to migrate to Estonia from Nigeria and also learn how to apply for Estonia spouse visa or student visa, and then travel to Europe.

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